dinsdag, februari 07, 2012

letter love/ winter

This is the first project that I made in the online class from letters love. It is really funny to do but you have to practice a lot . It ia not easy to make nice letters so this is the start :-)
It is wintertime in the Netherlands. Its freezing 15 - 20 degrees and that is a lot. So al Dutch people started to talk about the elfstedentocht. I hope it will go on this weekend it is skatetour of more than 200 kilometers.
I am not able to this but I love to skate on the little slootjes near our house. My son learned to skate on his new skates and I am really proud of him 

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Lludria zei

I love your page, Linda!What a sweet bird and cloud! (^^) I have to practice a lot too, don't worry,little by little we will find our own letters ;) Warm greetings for your frozen day! ♥